This Is How BLACKPINK’s Jennie Makes Up With Jisoo After An Argument

Even BFFs disagree, sometimes!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie once answered a question during a fansign about what happens when she gets in an argument with Jisoo.

Though they don’t fight often, sometimes they have some disagreements like any friends do!

However, Jennie’s unexpected answer caught the fan off guard. She revealed that she doesn’t do anything for reconciliation and instead gets mad at Jisoo in return!

Both girls have strong personalities so sometimes their pride can get in the way! Perhaps Jennie is waiting for the older one to apologize first.

However, they always make up in the end. Sisters for life!

What kind of disagreements do they have? Check out one of their stories below!

BLACKPINK’s Jennie Once Got Mad At Jisoo For Doing This…Right In Front Of Her

Source: Twitter