Here’s Why BLACKPINK’s Jennie And Lisa Can’t Go Shopping Together…Ever

“We’re no good for each other.”

The members of BLACKPINK are known for all being close friends.

The closer the group is, the more honest they can be with each other. It’s because of this that Jennie could easily agree she can’t go shopping with Lisa…ever.

She revealed why in a February 2019 interview with Billboard.

When asked to pick which member spends the most money on a shopping spree, Rosé and Jisoo chose Lisa, Lisa picked Jennie, and Jennie picked both her and Lisa.

Through unanimous decision, both Jennie and Lisa are the biggest spenders in BLACKPINK!

I couldn’t choose whether it’s me or [Lisa].

– Jennie

They’re bad influences when it comes to shopping.

Whenever we go shopping together, she’s always asking me, ‘Should I get this one or should I get this one?’ and I just say, ‘Get both!’

– Lisa

Jennie summarized their predicament neatly.

We always say we can’t go shopping together. We’re no good for each other! We can’t stop each other.

– Jennie

Besides spending money on shopping, Jennie is known for owning many designer bags while Lisa is popular in the dorm for being free with her cash when it comes to food.

Lisa buys the food a lot when we order delivery to our dorm. She already has an account registered on the mobile app, so she’s the one who has to pay for it. We’re eating well, thanks Lisa.

– Jisoo

Check out the full interview below!

Source: Billboard