Here’s What BLACKPINK Jennie’s “Little Sister” Ella Gross Is Up To Now

She’s had an impressive 12-year career at only 14 years old.

Korean American Ella Gross went viral in 2018 when it was announced that she joined YG Entertainment‘s sub-label, The Black Label, as a trainee at only 10 years old.

The Los Angeles, California native quickly earned attention for her many talents and for having four of the most famous unnies in the world.

Ella Gross | @ellagross/Instagram

It’s been four years since Ella joined The Black Label as a trainee, and netizens on a popular Korean online community board recently wondered about her whereabouts. Although she has yet to make her K-Pop idol debut, the talented trainee has been busy in other areas of the entertainment industry.

Here’s what Ella’s been up to lately!

| @ellagross/Instagram

Ella Gross was born in Los Angeles, California, in 2008 and grew up before fans’ eyes, becoming a child model at two years old.

Ella has a successful career as a global fashion brand model, actress, and influencer, all while maintaining the balance of living life as a globetrotting teenager.

Ella modeling for “DAZED Korea” in August 2022 | @ellagross/Instagram

Ella signed an exclusive contract with The Black Label in 2018 to refine her skills in singing and dancing and was praised by producer and former 1TYM member Teddy, who has famously worked with YG artists such as BIGBANG2NE1, and BLACKPINK.

While at The Black Label, her famous unnies, BLACKPINK, took Ella under their wings, and her resemblance to BLACKPINK’s Jennie earned Ella the endearing title of “Jennie’s little sister.”

Ella Gross with BLACKPINK in 2018 | @ellagross/Instagram
| @ellagross/Instagram
Ella Gross (left) with BLACKPINK’s Jennie (right) | @ellagross/Instagram

She is also signed to Monster Talent Management, which manages American actress Zendaya.

Ella began acting in 2018 in the comedy series Heathers and landed a role in the Netflix show Malibu Rescue in 2019, playing a recurring role as Sasha.

Ella Gross in “Malibu Rescue” | @maliburescue/Instagram

When she’s not modeling and acting, she’s practicing dancing and flexing her vocals and skills on the guitar.


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Even from the US, she has continued to support her “older sisters” and has had nothing but praise for the talented quartet who, according to Ella’s mom, were the “absolute best role models, unnies, and friends Ella could have ever hoped for.

Ella posing with a photo of BLACKPINK’s Jennie in 2019 | @ellagross/Instagram

Ella is still signed with The Black Label and continues to shine in her multifaceted career at such a young age. Although she’s had an impressive 12-year career, she still makes time to live a regular kid lifestyle, hanging with friends, going to father-daughter dances, homecoming, a Harry Styles concert, and football games to cheer on her younger brother.

Ella at a Los Angeles Rams football game repping “The Black Label” | @ellagross/Instagram
Ella at Homecoming | @ellagross/Instagram

YG Entertainment has had a new girl group in the works for some time, and netizens have wondered if Ella may be preparing to debut with them.

While nothing is currently confirmed about Ella’s possible future as a K-Pop idol, fans continue to be impressed by her consistent growth over the years and all of her achievements.

| @ellagross/Instagram

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