BLACKPINK Jennie And NCT Doyoung’s Awkward Interaction Has Everyone Laughing

They both looked like they needed to be saved.

Fans love to see interactions between their favorite idols. Some are adorable, like the sweet friendship between BLACKPINK‘s Rosé and Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri.

Others are cutely awkward like Stray Kids and NCT Dream‘s collaboration that blossomed into a friendship.

Following the latter, an interaction between Jennie and Doyoung turned out to be somewhere in between, making fans embarrassed for them while also amused at their awkwardness.

While Doyoung was a host for SBS‘s Inkigayo, Jennie appeared on the music show for her “Solo” promotions. They both participated in the same segment. As soon as they’d put down the fruit that had been written on, the awkwardness set in.

It showed right on their faces. The smile that had been on Jennie’s face slowly disappeared. Doyoung hadn’t been smiling at all, keeping a straight face. They didn’t even spare a look at each other.

After putting the fruit away in his pocket, Doyoung promptly reached for the basket Jennie was holding. Without anything except both of them looking down, it passed from her hands to his.

It was like they were trying to avoid each other altogether, even though they were standing side by side. Jennie was also quick to turn her head away.

By the end, they both still looked just as uncomfortable as before. Although the whole interaction seemed awkward, fans found the funny part as well.

Even though Doyoung had been polite to hold the basket so that Jennie could dance unhindered, the serious way he scooped it up was too amusing.

Fans couldn’t help but think all the interactions between BLACKPINK and NCT were hilariously awkward.

Either way, everyone will be able to get a good laugh from them. Seeing Jennie and Doyoung look like they wanted to be anywhere else but there was amusing enough all on its own.

Watch Jennie and Doyoung have no clue how to act around each other here.