BLACKPINK’s Jennie Received A Fan Gift That Was So Precious To Her She Always Carries It With Her

It’s always in her bag:

Fans always want to show their bias group just how much they love them and sometimes they do so by giving their idols gifts. Over the years, BLACKPINK have received all kinds of unique gifts from BLINK and recently Jennie opened up about one gift that was so unique it’s become something very special to her.

After learning about Jisoo’s most memorable gift, Vogue Korea wanted to know a little bit more about the most unique gift that Jennie had ever received.

What was the most unique gift you have ever gotten from a BLINK?

— Vogue Korea

After taking a moment to consider all of the amazing things she had received from BLINK, Jennie revealed that there was one gift in particular that really stood out in her mind. This particular gift was a set of handmade felt figures of her adorable pups Kuma and Kai.

Jennie with her adorable doggos, Kai and Kuma. Image: @jennierubyjane/Instagram

My favorite was… One of our fans made realistic figures of Kai and Kuma out of felt.

— Jennie

Although Jennie loves all the gifts she has received from BLINK, this particular gift was special to her not only because it was something the fan made just for her but also because it featured her two sweet dogs!

There have been a lot of gifts with my face on them but, these were extra special because they were my dogs’ faces.

— Jennie

In fact, Jennie revealed that these figures are so precious to her that she even carries them in her bag!

Those are always in my bag!

— Jennie

But no matter how big, small, or whether or not it involves Kuma and Kai, Jennie loves each and every single gift that BLINKs give her because she holds truly BLINK near and dear to her heart!