BLACKPINK’s Jennie Turned Rosé Into A Squirrel And Rosé’s Reaction Was Priceless

Could they get any cuter?

To celebrate the 3rd anniversary of BLACKPINK‘s debut, Jennie opened up her secondary Instagram account to the public on August 8. While BLINKs have been lovingly soaking up every single one of her photos, there’s one picture in particular that has been making fans laugh out loud!


Jennie’s fun and playful personality can definitely be seen throughout her new account and no picture shows it better than her simple photo of a squirrel! Although the photo simply appears to be an average squirrel in the middle of a park…

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안녕 다람쥐

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Hello, squirrel!


When BLINKs clicked the photo they unlocked a secret. This was no ordinary squirrel, it was Rosé!


With Rosé the squirrel now exposed, Rosé took the playful tag one step further and left a hilarious comment for Jennie.


This isn’t the first time Rosé has released her inner squirrel but it may be the best yet and fans have definitely been getting a real kick out of the hilarious post and equally hilarious reaction from Rosé!


Seriously though, could they get any cuter?