BLACKPINK’s Jennie Reveals Her Three Most Precious Items

With these three things, she’s ready for anything.

Though BLACKPINK‘s Jennie gave everyone a peek into what she carries around in her handbag, she recently revealed the three items she can’t go without having by her side.

| jennierubyjane/Instagram

In a behind-the-scenes interview with Harper’s Bazaar Korea, the magazine asked the idol about her “three most precious items.

The first item was part of Jennie’s most cherished hobbies, which prompted her to open a second Instagram account. It was her camera that captured all the important moments.

The next item was a must-have for the average person who needs to store their wallet and other necessary items. Jennie said, “Second is the pouch, which I [carry lip balm and other items in.]

The last item was unexpected compared to the others yet clever.

Although Jennie is well-known as a fashionista, like the rest of BLACKPINK, even she can’t escape moments where she needs to tweak an outfit. Jennie said, “And I always bring a brooch for fashion emergencies.

Whether she needs to document memories or take clothing to the next level, Jennie’s most precious items can get the job done. Watch Jennie share her must-haves.