BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Was Accused Of Being A Liar, And She Stood Her Ground In The Best Way

They were playing a liar game.

BLACKPINK released a special video for their “2021 Seasons Greetings”. They wrapped up the year with a simple celebration, taking photo booth pictures and decorating cakes.

Another thing they did to celebrate was to play a “Liars Game” with juice and champagne. The girls needed to guess who had the single champagne drink. If the “it” couldn’t tolerate it or if the other girls noticed her, she’d lose and have to clean up after them. If the members got the “it” wrong, one of them would clean up instead.

As soon as they finished taking sips of their drinks, Rosé and Jennie accused Jisoo of being the liar. In their eyes, it seemed suspicious for the eldest member to remind Lisa three times to only take “one sip”.

Did you keep saying ‘one sip’ because you didn’t like your drink?

— Jennie

Jisoo stood her ground right away, challenging them by raising her glass and keeping them guessing.

She confidently told her members that she was not the liar and reminded them of the consequences of guessing wrong.

Look, you choose me but it’s not me. Then one of you three has to clean it up.

— Jisoo

When Lisa pointed out that she was blushing, Jisoo burst out from her chair, exclaiming, “Choose me then! Pick me!”

In the end, everyone picked Jisoo as the liar but it was actually Jennie who drank the champagne! All of Jisoo’s words were true.

Check out the full video below!

Source: YouTube