BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Has This Adorable Habit At The Airport You Might Not Have Noticed

She takes the floor stickers at the airport very seriously.

As international superstars, BLACKPINK frequently fly around the world, making airports a prime location for stunning photos, quick gift exchanges, and fun interactions. Jisoo, in particular, often goes viral with her airport appearances for all the best reasons.

Whether it be her flawless visuals,

her loving actions toward fans,

or her playful antics, Jisoo never fails to capture everyone’s hearts.

And there’s one small habit of Jisoo’s that she always does every time she flies, adding to her list of quirky but wholesome habits, like balancing things on her head.

At the airport, there are marks on the floor indicating where you should stand before checking your ID. Jisoo makes sure she doesn’t cross the line at all, cutely shifting her feet a couple of inches to make sure she’s on or behind the line.

There’s another marker that one is supposed to stand on when it’s their turn to check ID, and you can see the wheels turning in Jisoo’s head to perfectly step on the mark.

While it’s supposed to be a rough marker, Jisoo makes sure she stands precisely on top of the footprints without even leaving an inch of error.

It’s a super tiny and adorable habit Jisoo has, making fans love her even more.

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