BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Refuses To Let The “Jensoo” Ship Sink

Fans have a new Jennie and Jisoo moment to add to their collection.

“Jensoo” nation has a president, and her name is Jisoo!


Jennie and Jisoo have an adorable friendship that fans have fallen in love with. BLINKs especially love to see Jensoo’s cute banter on Instagram.


For her 300th Instagram post, Jisoo uploaded a photo of herself backstage with Jennie at BLACKPINK’s Tokyo Dome show.


Fans were thrilled that Jensoo was Jisoo’s 300th post, but her comments made it even better!


Jisoo captioned the photo “JJ & J”, referring to herself, Jennie, and possibly their manager in the background. “Isn’t it J & J & J?” Jennie asked in the comments.  “We are one, so it’s JJ,” Jisoo replied.


It looks like the Jensoo ship is still sailing strong!


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