BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Finally Said “I Love You” To The Members For The First Time, And Here’s How They Reacted

It had the group shook!

When it comes to the friendship between members in a K-Pop group, one of those often brought up is BLACKPINK! The group debuted in 2016, and since then, they have been through ups and downs with each other. Fans cannot get enough of the interactions between the different members.

The members of BLACKPINK | YG Entertainment

Yet, as expected, all of the members showcase their affection in different ways. However, it seems as if one member particularly has her own individual way of showing her love, and it is Jisoo.

The members recently celebrated their fifth anniversary and sat down on a live broadcast with fans, talking about everything from behind-the-scenes stories to introducing new family members.


Towards the end of the broadcast, the members sent messages of love and thanks to their fans and also the rest of the group. Jisoo was the first member and, as expected, had some sweet words to end the celebration.

To me, it’s not just five years because we’ve been together for almost ten years now. Thank you so much for the congratulations. Love you guys so much, and the members too…

— Jisoo

Yet, it seems as if the other members weren’t happy with Jennie asking, “Our members what?” Although Jisoo can be heard saying “I love you” in English, Lisa added, “You’ve never told us that you love us.


Jisoo explained that she hasn’t said it because she thinks her eyes and actions tell the complete story. After the members asked Jisoo because it was such a special day, they were shocked when Jisoo gave them hearts and said she loves them!


If Jisoo’s reaction was funny, the members were even better, with Lisa and Rosé unable to hide their excitement and shock from hearing those words. Jisoo even joked that they didn’t like hearing it, and Lisa added that it was because they’ve never heard it before.


Even though the member’s reactions seemed shocked, Rosé had the cutest reaction afterward, and it showed just how much those words meant to her.

I love it, love it. I love our fifth anniversary. I think I can sleep happy tonight.

— Rosé


In the past, it has been known that Jisoo has her own unique way of confessing her love to the members. However, the members and BLINKs all know how much Jisoo loves all of her group, and sometimes it’s actions that matter more than words.

You can watch the whole clip below.