BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Has Two Kinds Of Ideal Types—And Honestly, Same

She makes sense!

Ideal types describe a person one would most likely date. K-Pop stars are often asked who their ideal type is on television, and answers can range from a broad set of traits to an actual celebrity.

In an interview with Star Road in 2019, Jennie had to guess Jisoo’s own ideal type. She was immediately hesitant when she heard the question, “What type of guy does she like?”

Jisoo confirmed that she has an answer ready to go.

I have a certain type that I like.

— Jisoo

Deep in thought, Jennie admitted, “This is difficult”. Buying time, she repeated over and over again, “The type of guy she likes…the type of guy she likes…Wait, give me 10 seconds!”

Jennie eventually passed on the question after explaining that BLACKPINK does not talk about their ideal types often.

After Jisoo “hit” her with the toy hammer in punishment, she explained the correct answer: she has two types of guys that she likes most. The first is based on his personality and the second on his appearance.

Her first ideal type is none other than Jisoo’s number one fan!

The first is someone who’s really into me. A big fan of Jisoo.

— Jisoo

Her second one, meanwhile, is someone who “smiles pretty.”

I like someone with a pretty smile.

— Jisoo

Are you either of Jisoo’s ideal types?

Source: V LIVE

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