BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love” Becomes Fastest K-Pop MV In History To Reach 100 Million Views

And it may even be the fastest MV in history to achieve this:

There really is not stopping BLACKPINK! Within the first 24 hours their new hit song “Kill This Love” set numerous records and they didn’t stop there! As the number of views climbed to 60 million then 80 million they continued destroying old records. Now they’ve done it again!


On April 7, BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love” MV reached 100 million views on YouTube. This major milestone was achieved in an astonishing 2 days and 14 hours! While reaching 100 million is already reason enough to celebrate, it also set a new record for the achievement.


“Kill This Love” is now the fastest K-Pop music video to hit the 100 million view mark. It surpassed PSY‘s “Gentleman” which previously held the title at just 2 days and 19 hours.


Not only that but it may also be the fastest 100 million music video views ever! It’s believed that “Kill This Love” is the fastest MV to hit 100 million views out of any artist’s MV on YouTube, however, there is currently no official source that can confirm this. But as the views continue to climb, maybe confirmation will come soon!