Korean Netizens Are In Absolute Awe At BLACKPINK Lisa’s “Real Life” Beauty Through Phone Cameras

They’re blown away by her beauty.

It’s no secret that BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is an absolute doll. Known for her killer proportions and strong facial features, many look up to her as a standard of beauty. As celebrities can often look different based on angles, as well as the fact that broadcast cameras pack on the pounds, netizens are always curious as to how idols look like in real life.

Lisa’s “real life” beauty blew netizens out of the waters. They were absolutely taken with how gorgeous she looked in this clip from her visit to the Celine show in Paris.

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A fan-taken phone camera video of her strutting her stuff in a one-shouldered dress looked equally as stunning.

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She always looks flawless, from every angle.

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Even off duty, she looks perfect.

Considered a rather legendary photo of hers, this was taken by a passerby with a phone camera. But this candid photo perfectly embodied what it’d feel like to meet Lisa in real life!

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Korean netizens have been in awe at her beauty, calling her a living doll!

  • “Wow~~crazy. Is she even human?”
  • “Wow her eye size is crazy. I feel like it’s a 4:2 ratio horizontal to vertical. They’re huge.”
  • “Crazy… I want to see her in real life for once, really.”
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  • “What’s up with her eye size…? It feels like either the cameras capture them as smaller. It can’t capture even half of her real life beauty.”
  • “A famous saying from Lalisa Manoban: Thailand is my country. Korea is our country. As expected from the Korean-like Thai.”
  • “F*cking pretty, she’s like a barbie doll… She has a small face but her eyes, bam! Nose, bam! Lips, bam! all are in there.”
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In other news, BLACKPINK has just rounded up their promotions for “Lovesick Girls”, after a successful run and multiple wins.

Source: Pann