Lisa Blew Everyone Away With How She Handled Technical Issues On Stage

Professionalism at it’s finest!

Experiencing technical issues isn’t fun for any of us but when you’re a performer it can be even worse especially if the issue happens while you are performing. But when BLACKPINK‘s Lisa faced problems at a recent concert, she certainly didn’t let it stop her from giving it her all!


BLACKPINK have recently made their stop in Ontario, Canada for their In Your Area world tour Hamilton concert stop. All of their performances from the concert were amazing and there were plenty of moments from the concert that took BLINKs on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.


There was one performance, however, that caught a lot of attention from fans. During their performance of “Forever Young”, BLACKPINK headed towards the platforms that were supposed to raise them into the air.



While Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé all started rising straight away, Lisa’s platform did not, leaving her at stage level.


But the fact that her platform didn’t rise didn’t throw Lisa off one bit! She continued performing without missing a single beat and when it came time for the dance break she was pure fire!


Despite the platform continuing to have problems right through to the end of the song, Lisa continued to bring some serious heat!


Eventually, her platform was fixed for later performances but the way she handled the problem showed what a true professional she really is!