Here’s Why Dancer And Choreographer Honey J Chose BLACKPINK’s Lisa As The Best Idol Dancer

She reveals Lisa’s unique ability!

Former leader of the dance crew Purplow, dancer and choreographer Honey J recently revealed the idol dancer that she believes is the most skilled.

| @__honey.j__/Instagram

From Jay Park to former SISTAR‘s Bora, she’s worked with various idols in the industry.

However, she didn’t hesitate to choose BLACKPINK‘s Lisa as one of the best dancers!

Lisa has everything that a skilled dancer should possess. Not only are her performances stunning and beautiful to watch, she also picks up new choreography with ease.

She dances beautifully and she learns quickly.

— Honey J

Honey J has previously worked with Lisa and has had the opportunity to see how quickly and accurately she is able to learn choreography.

She also shares that just by watching Lisa, you’ll know what she’s talking about!

Lisa’s dancing is eye-catching and addicting to watch…

…because of her crisp, accurate movements…

…and her undeniable charisma!

There’s nothing Lisa can’t do!

Excited for her solo debut? Check out the latest from Lisa below!

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