BLACKPINK’s Lisa Proves Haters Wrong With How Qualified She Is To Be A Mentor

Lisa doesn’t even need to clap back at haters; her work speaks for itself.

Through season two of Youth With You, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has easily become everyone’s favorite dance mentor. From her perfectionismΒ in helping trainees reach their full potential to her harsh side pointing out what they should change to succeed, she’s winning everyone over with how dedicated and multifaceted she is.

While the feedback to her appearance has been overwhelmingly positive, there is a vocal minority who think Lisa isn’t suitable as a dance mentor, claiming she’s too harsh and doesn’t have enough experience.

During a fan Q&A with Penshopee, Lisa proved haters wrong by revealing just how qualified she truly is for the position. A BLINK asked her when she’d begun to dance and how she’d liked it. At first, Lisa said, “I can’t remember.”

That only served to prove how extensive Lisa’s dance experience is. She continued on to mention her mother’s comments about her as a child, “My mom told me that I always liked to dance when I was young.”

Seeing how interested Lisa was in dancing, her mother took action to help her feed that passion, “So, she just sent me to dance class when I was four. That’s all I remember.” That means Lisa not only has nearly twenty years of professional training but of dancing.

Add in her training under YG Entertainment and her position as a member of one of the world’s biggest girl groups, Lisa is the perfect person to be a dance mentor. No wonder the trainees were so eager to see her and learn her wise ways.

Nothing can bring Queen Lisa down. Listen to her prove the haters wrong yet again.