BLACKPINK’s Rosé And Lisa May Not Always Have Been Best Friends But This Story Proves They Always Have Been Sisters

Only people with sisters can relate.

Although they are extremely close now, BLACKPINK‘s Rosé and Lisa used to fight frequently while growing up! Spending three to four years of their teenaged years together pre-debut, it is not surprising that they ran into small disagreements.

In a deleted scene from their documentary, BLACKPINK: LIGHT UP THE SKY, Rosé and Lisa shared a heartfelt talk about the past. When Lisa first came into the team, she was immediately given the maknae position by order of age. Rosé was disgruntled by this as she was previously the youngest.

I came and I was like I’m the maknae. But then you came in and was like, excuse me, I was the youngest!

— Lisa

Lisa revealed that one time, their sisterly squabbles got into a more serious territory. Both girls were extremely mad at one another.

However, an unintentionally comic moment by Lisa eventually diffused the tension. She had to say “jjajeung-na” which means “I’m annoyed” in Korean. But Lisa accidentally said “jjajang-myun” instead, which coincidentally means “black bean noodles”.

Rosé couldn’t contain her laughter in the moment and the two girls walked out of the room happy as there was no way they could be angry after that.

Rosé shared that afterwards, the girls even went to eat black bean noodles together.

If you have a sister, you will know that no matter how much you fight with each other, you will always have each other’s back. It seems that their fights only helped contribute to their sisterly bond and they’re inseparable best friends now! Catch more deleted scenes from the documentary below.


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