The Quiet Luxury Brand That BLACKPINK Has Been Favoring Recently

It’s made by celebrity twins.

The four BLACKPINK members are endorsing each of their respective luxury brands, and have been for the longest time. Jennie endorses Chanel, Rosé for Saint Laurent, Lisa for CELINE, and Jisoo for DIOR. As such, the girls are rarely seen toting bags that are not from those four brands.

Jisoo carrying DIOR at the airport.

Despite this, there’s one brand that has been frequently seen on the girls of late. As quiet luxury is booming, many are looking towards finding pieces without logo play. The Row is one such brand, focusing on quality and design, without ostentatious logos, even though the hefty price tag stays.

Jennie was seen carrying their Terrasse Bag in Black Leather. She paired it with a babydoll dress from Amomento. She still gave a nod to Chanel with their rain boots.

On the other hand, Rosé was seen with their Margeaux Tote. The large, roomy tote is perfect for traveling and costs $5190 USD.

Jennie was seen carrying her Terrasse tote on multiple occasions.

She also opted for a Soft Margaux that goes for $4390 USD at the airport.

While the girls are still very much the ambassadors of their respective brands, fans were surprised to see the girls carrying bags from a different brand. As The Row is also a luxury brand, fans are excited to see if this means anything new will be announced for the girls.