BLACKPINK’s Rosé Reveals How It Feels Being Credited As A Songwriter For The First Time

She has two songs under her belt.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé made her solo debut in March with her album R. The two songs included in it were the title track “On The Ground” and the more balladic song “Gone.”

Rosé performing “On The Ground”

Fans were pleased to note that she was credited as a writer in both songs alongside seasoned veterans such as BLACKPINK’s own main producer, Teddy.

In an interview with Billboard, Rosé touched on what it meant for her to have her name officially listed.

You’re credited as a co-writer for the first time. What did it mean to you to ‘up’ your involvement in the creative process?

— Billboard

Rosé during her Billboard interview 

She revealed that it was a new experience to be fully involved in the process, saying, “It is my first time approaching songwriting.”

Rosé in Billboard’s Instagram story

At the same time, she and her fellow BLACKPINK members were welcomed to give their inputs in their previous works, so she was not a fish out of water.

But in the past when we were preparing for all of our music, we were all in the process of it [in other ways], so it wasn’t too new for me.

— Rosé


It was an overall pleasant experience for her: “It was fun throwing in my opinions and thoughts.” Because she was able to add her own personal touches to the album, it became a record that was reflective of her as a person.

I think that’s the reason why the final product sounded like me and the reason [we felt] so sure about it coming out.

— Rosé

| YG Entertainment

Rosé isn’t the only BLACKPINK member to be credited as a songwriter. Jennie and Jisoo previously worked on the title track of The Album, “Lovesick Girls,” alongside other professional musicians.

Jennie (Left) and Jisoo (Right)

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Rosé’s “On The Ground” music video below!

Source: Billboard


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