Here’s What Actually Changed About BLACKPINK Rosé’s Style That You May Not Have Noticed

There are subtle differences.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is a fashion icon for her luxurious and classy style that has become her signature look. However, her sense of fashion has evolved throughout the last few years.

Previously, Rosé would typically rock funky pieces like graphic t-shirts and unique patterns.

The bold and youthful style suited her well and left us with some fun and edgy looks from her during her off-schedule, like at the airport.

However, as time has went on, netizens have noticed she’s completely found her new style that currently suits her best.

Nowadays, Rosé goes for neutrals and often wears a combination of baggy and fitted pieces to flatter her slender figure and create a pretty silhouette.

Some of her favorite pieces include high-waisted, loose pants paired with knitted crop tops. During the colder months, she loves an oversized, warm jacket or a pea coat.

Every now and then, she will add a pop of color like mustard yellow.

Her luxurious aura makes her chic fashion stand out and serve as major style inspiration for fans!

Source: Nate Pann


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