10 Moments Of Serious Hair Envy We’ve Had With BLACKPINK’s Rosé

Fansés, are you with us?

With the girls of BLACKPINK making a comeback very soon, Blinks are extremely excited for “How You Like That” to drop on the 26th! What’s even more exciting is the new hair colors the girls are sporting, as well as the new looks. (Lisa‘s lip ring, anyone?) While we wait anxiously for music video and album to be released, let us take a look back at Rosé‘s iconic mane since her debut – we know we’ll miss the blond as she moves on to an electric grey-blue.

1. Her orange-brown hair that sadly didn’t last long.

Rosé’s orange-toned hair lasted for only about as long as their promotions for “Boombayah” and “Playing With Fire” before she transitioned to something a little bit more neutral in “As If It’s Your Last“, but we loved the look she served during her debut days! The orange tones aren’t something everyone can pull off, for fear of looking too brassy, but Rosé does it so elegantly.

2. A rare look of brown hair on her.

While Ms. Park slays with every single hair they could give her, the light brown look was one generally not favored by fans even if she still managed to look beautiful anyway. Regardless, the more relatable hair shade brightened up her face for the season!

3. Red hair. I repeat, Red hair.

Red haired Rosé didn’t last very long either – this girl must be a chameleon at this point! The hair lasted for a few weeks during their comeback for “DDU-DU-DDU-DU” before the color faded out.

4. This stunning ashy dark blonde.

This understated look may be one of our favorites just yet, given that it really brings out her charm and feminine features. The look mainly made rounds as Rosé attended various fashion shows globally.

5. Pigtailed chipmunk.

While we don’t often see Rosé with dark brown hair nor do we often see her with her hair up, this day was a win for Fansés as they got both in a day! While playing at the beach, Rosé kept her hair out of her face with adorable pigtails.

6. Side braids for a fierce look.

In the most recent comeback, “Kill This Love“, Rosé sported a side of braids that made roads from her temple up, giving her a fiercer look than her usual soft one.

7. Lovely and sweet with a mid-way bun.

Rosé probably stunned us all when she posted snaps from a trip to Bali with her older sister, and looked adorable with her hair in a messy bun even without her usual team of professional hair and makeup artists. Proves that she is indeed one truly effortlessly beautiful girl!

8. When her reddish hair faded together with her ash blonde to give us this masterpiece.

Sometimes you really do have to pray to the hairgods, especially when the coloring is left in the hands of how well dye washes out. Rosé was a stunner in this ashy rose gold (ha, get it?) on the very show where she made her friendship with Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri.

9. Probably the most creative use of brooches.

BLACKPINK’s styling team is always getting props for their creative use of vintage pieces to add some pizazz to the girls’ outfits. This time, they did not disappoint with the collection of vintage brooches that they pinned to Rosé’s scalp instead of on her clothing, in a stroke of genius.

10. Long hair. Just, long hair.

While the girls have let us in on the secret that most of their enviably long tresses are actually gained from the help of magical, high-quality extensions, we are still always blown away by how well these girls pull it off. Long hair is definitely one of Rosé’s trademarks, as is her enviably thin waist.

We can’t wait to see how well she will rock different renditions of the edgy blue color the teaser photos were hinting at!