BLACKPINK Rosé’s Parents Didn’t Want Her To Become An Idol—Here’s What Changed Their Minds

They’re now her biggest fans ❤️

The road to debuting as an idol wasn’t always a smooth one for BLACKPINK‘s Rosé. The first hurdle she went through was at the very start of her career when she told her parents about her dream.

In a recent video posted on her YouTube channel, Rosé and her parents were seen sharing a lovely meal together.

During the meal, her mom brought up the time she first revealed that she wanted to become a singer. Surprisingly, her family was strongly against the idea.

Do you remember? How we were all against it when she said she wanted to become a singer?

— Rosé’s mom

Rosé defended herself, saying, “I actually really didn’t want to become a singer at first.

Although that was also true, her mom remembered the day she changed her mind.

Yeah but one day out of the blue, completely out of the blue, you said you were going to become a singer.

— Rosé’s mom

Her dad, on the other hand, recalled how determined she was that day. She brought three of her friends with her and danced in front of them. “And you didn’t just say it, you brought three friends with you and started making dance moves.

The performance convinced her parents to support her dream. They decided to allow her to audition for a K-Pop entertainment company because they wanted her to form good memories, but they didn’t expect her to succeed.

So we thought it would be great for you to try out in an audition for once since it’s your dream. But we had absolutely no expectations. Just so you can keep it as a memory, we wanted to leave you with a good memory.

— Rosé’s dad

Even if Rosé’s parents once opposed her dream of becoming an idol, they must now be so proud of the great heights she has reached in the industry!

Source: ROSÉ Official


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