BLACKPINK’s Rosé Makes An Unexpected Appearance In A Webtoon

Fans knew the character looked familiar.

Since the members of BLACKPINK turned themselves into animated characters for ZEPETO and PUBG, it didn’t take long for them to make an unexpected appearance in a similar art form. Eagle-eyed fans spotted Rosé in a webtoon.

Rosé | @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

The webtoon The Empress’ Lipstick follows a middle school girl named Jae In who ends up in a different dimension where she becomes a princess—after touching a strange lipstick. In chapter five of the webtoon, the creator proved to be a fan of BTS‘s V with a scene that referenced him. He wasn’t the only idol featured in the chapter, though.


When the webtoon addressed how big a part appearance plays in society, it displayed two beautiful characters who often appear in the media. Fans noticed one of them was Rosé.

On social media and television, beautiful people are always in the limelight.

— ‘The Empress’ Lipstick’

Rosé in “The Empress’ Lipstick.” | WEBTOON

They were able to put the pieces together because it was the same image of Rosé from her campaign with Tiffany & Co. as the brand’s ambassador. The webtoon nailed all the essential details from the hairstyle, outfit, and jewelry.

For Rosé to appear unexpectedly in a webtoon from her campaign image, her impact is powerful.



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