BLACKPINK Wins Against TWICE In Facebook Live K-Pop Poll

Facebook Live K-Pop Polls are off to an amazing start with millions of votes being cast. In the second poll, BLACKPINK edged out TWICE for the win!

Congratulations to BLACKPINK for taking home the win! TWICE also did fantastic with their fans continuing to show them love up until the very end.

Koreaboo launched the first ever Facebook Live K-Pop Poll this week, with BTS vs EXO. Over 5,300,000 people saw the polls, which concluded with BTS taking the crown.

This poll was even bigger, with over 9,300,000 people viewing the polls! BLACKPINK received 181,748 votes (roughly 58% of the votes). TWICE received 131,280 votes (roughly 42% of the votes). 928,474 people voted overall for BLACKPINK through those who shared the live poll. 601,862 people voted for TWICE in the same method.

Congratulations to BLACKPINK for winning our second poll! Which groups will be next to go head to head in our K-Pop Live Poll?

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