BLACKPINK’s First Appearance On “Music Station” Caused Them To Trend On Twitter In Japan

Japanese fans couldn’t stop rejoicing over BLACKPINK finally appearing on Music Station.

BLACKPINK made the trip to Japan to appear on TV Asahi’s Music Station 3 Hour Special in spite of appearing unwell at the airport, gaining them tons of praise from Korean netizens for their professionalism and dedication.

It wasn’t just Korean netizens who showed their love for the group. Almost immediately after their appearance on the show, where they performed “Kill This Love -JP Ver.-“, “BLACKPINK” was ranked as the first trend on Twitter in Japan.

When their appearance on the show was first announced on October 8, Japanese fans who have been waiting for the group to make an appearance in the country had an explosive reaction. “What?! BLACKPINK will appear?!”, “I’m crying too much!”, and “Goddesses!” were among the reaction from Japanese netizens.

Finally, after their performance on the show, fans who had been waiting and waiting proved the group’s popularity by snatching the number one trending spot on Twitter.

Source: kstyle