Rosé Shares How The BLACKPINK Members Supported Her During Preparations For Her Solo Debut

They all support each other’s activities!

In a recent JTBC’s Knowing Bros episodeBLACKPINK‘s Rosé was joined by Girl’s Day’s Hyeri.

During the show, Rosé spoke about her recent debut as a solo artist with her album and single “On The Ground.” She shared how nervous she was because it was her first solo album by herself.

As expected, her fellow members were there to help Rosé as she prepared for the album’s release. She explained how the rest of BLACKPINK cheered for her because they support each other’s activities.

She told the cast how member Jisoo came to the set of her music video for “On The Ground” and kept making sure that Rosé was okay during the shoot!

The cast pointed out that member Jennie has had more experience as a solo artist with the release of her track “SOLO.”

Rosé explained that Jennie gave her a lot of advice while she was preparing for the album. In particular, during her first recording, Jennie called Rosé, telling her not to worry too much!

| Knowing Bros/JTBC

It is no secret how supportive the BLACKPINK members are! After the album release, all of the members shared their support on social media, and Lisa went to support Rosé before a music show appearance!

You can watch the whole clip below!


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