BLACKPINK’s Stylist Leaves YG Entertainment Right Before Comeback – Here’s A Look At Her Most Iconic Fits

We can’t wait to see what direction YG’s styling goes in next.

Although BLACKPINK‘s most well-known stylist is probably Choi Kyung Won, behind the genius that is their styling, YG Entertainment‘s overall Stylist Director, Ji Eun, also had a huge hand in their creative direction. Prior to working with BLACKPINK, she personally styled most of BIGBANG‘s looks.

The star stylist was revealed on the 26th of June to have had left the company at the end of January, after a run of 20 years with YG. It has also been reported that she has sold off her remaining stocks in the company. She has been praised for her eye with styling BIGBANG, Hweesung, WINNER, Lee Hayi, Akdong Musician and BLACKPINK over the course of her 20 year long tenure.

While we’re unsure of what this means for the styling and direction for groups under YG forthcoming, we will soon be able to see the results in BLACKPINK’s comeback on the 26th of June with “How You Like That”. Compared to BLACKPINK’s previously preppy-with-an-edge trademark styling, the new song teases a more bohemian feel, making use of denim, prints and high boots.

As we wait anxiously for the release of the comeback, here is a look back on her most iconic styling for BLACKPINK.

1. The styling for “DDU-DU DDU-DU”

It is said that she had the most hand in the “DDU-DU DDU-DU” music video’s styling. The styles she dressed the girls in made a huge impact on the fashion industry as many groups began to incorporate BLACKPINK’s trademark over-the-top yet luxuriously classy pieces in their styles as well.

2. And of course, their debut song, “BOOMBAYAH”

When BLACKPINK first stepped onto the scene with their addictive song, “BOOMBAYAH”, fans all around the world were shook by the amount of visuals and fashion sense these girls had. Their stylist wasn’t playing around! From bright colored knits jazzed up with chunky belts, to all-black with hints of fishnet, their styling was everything that every other group on the planet wasn’t, making them stand out even more.

3. The iconic all-white outfits during 2016 Melon Music Awards

You need to watch the performance to really understand how great the outfits were.

The all-white ensembles with hints of texture such as fur, lace and organza gave the girls the purest, wintry look while making them look both elegant and hot at the same time. Lisa’s outfit was jazzed up with crystals as well, making her sparkle under the stage lights. Catch the full performance below to admire the visuals!

4. 2019 Melon Music Awards in monochrome

Does Stylist Ji Eun have something with Melon Music Awards? Every year from the MMAs turn out beautiful outfits. 2019 saw monochrome styling that really highlighted each of the girls’ individual charms.

Jennie of course, was given her high-teen, luxurious prep look complete with a cropped blazer and a Chanel bowtie. Rosé‘s ensemble brought out both her delicate collarbone and ant-waist, while the pearl choker and chain belt upgraded the look. Lisa‘s slightly wilder style was accented with a black fringe and chunky belt, while Jisoo was given a chance to be more sensual in crochet lace and high-waist shorts.

5. 2017’s Gayo Daejun “So Hot”

In their remix of the Wonder Girls‘ megahit “So Hot”, the girls certainly brought on the heat with their outfits! Once again, the stylist played to each of their strengths and personal styles to make sure they looked their best.

Jennie’s outfit was given her Chanel twist and used velvet and lace fabrics to give the otherwise one-color look some texture, while Lisa’s tomboy chic style shined with printed sequin shorts and a complicated body chain. Jisoo looked sweet yet stylish with a ribbon brooch and puff sleeves lined with fur, while Rosé went for a slight edge with a buckled leather skirt and a spangled crop.

Stylist Ji Eun also was responsible for many iconic looks from BIGBANG such as in “Monster” and “Fantastic Baby”, and is said to be close with many of the members including GD.

We’ll be sad to see her go but we hope she gets a good rest after her 20 years of service to the company and the music industry!


Source: Nate