A Block B fan once sold air from their concerts

A fan selling “bags of air” from Block B‘s concerts and fan meetings went viral on Twitter.

She did it so that fans and those who couldn’t attend would be able to experience the same breath of air as Block B members.

“I am selling my precious, treasured, bags of air from Block B’s fan meetings…”

While the post seems to have been made in jest, it goes on to show they are tight on money.

“Sigh… I really treasured and cherished these bags of air but money is tight these days so… I’m selling them”

The fans said she’s treasured the air for quite some time now and finds it hard to part with it.

“The bags contain air are from the first fan meeting and the second fan meeting…”

Surprisingly, there were several fans who replied to the tweet revealing their interest in purchasing the bag.

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