Block B’s P.O Reveals He’s Into “Slow and Blank Women”

That’s different.

On a past episode of KBS’s Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend, Block B‘s P.O revealed his unique taste in women, which as resurfaced in Korean online communities.


On the show, P.O sang Kim Soo Chul‘s “Why You Don’t Know” and showed off his incredible singing and rapping ability.

But what gained particular attention was when P.O revealed his ideal type.

He confessed that he’s into slow and blank women.

I like women who are slow and blank.

– P.O

He then specified why that was so with an example of what he thinks is cute.

When I surprise them and they get startled in a blank way, I find that really cute.

– P.O

After finding out P.O’s unique ideal type, fans are responding with comments such as “I’m slow and blank“, “I’m better than anyone at making a blank face“, and “Even his ideal type is cute“.

Source: Insight

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