How To Boost Your Confidence With Lip Makeup, By Sulli

Sulli shares the secret to her colorful lips and signature look!

Former f(x) member Sulli is the queen of “Fruity Make-up”. She is the “Human Peach”. She is the ultimate “Baby Face” that K-beauty loves and adores. Here’s Sulli’s personal tips on how to boost your confidence with lip color.

Sulli shared her make-up know-how in her interview printed in Cosmopolitan’s March issue.


“If you are on the paler side like me, lip color is a must. I like adding a splash of color to my face with lip make-up.”

Sulli explained, “I’m not the best at doing my own make-up, but I always try to do my lips. I actually love wearing lip color so much that I wear it even when I’m home alone.”


“Red is my favorite lip color. What I also like to do is dabbing the same color on my cheeks for blushing up.” Just with pretty-pinked cheeks and lips, you can achieve a much livelier look.

Sulli added, “I usually take selfies after I do my lips and cheeks because I love how it turns out.”

In fact, her Instagram features beautiful lip colors she wears daily.


Lip and cheek colors can be an attitude booster. “When I see myself without lip color, it surprises me because I loook so different. I wear lip make-up even at home because it gives me that sense of confidence.”

Sulli has gorgeous skin that really helps bring out the lip color.


Estée Lauder is one of Sulli’s favorite lipstick brands. And they love Sulli!

She knows how to rock all their shades.


Be sure to wear some color this spring!

Source: Cosmopolitan
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