“Boys Planet” Trainee Ricky Is Gaining Attention For His Sibling-Like Resemblance To This Girl Group Member

Do you see the resemblance?

Boys Planet, a reality survival program modeled after Girls Planet 999, which created Kep1er, recently introduced its nearly one hundred trainees.

There have already been some viral standouts from the bunch, including Maeda Haruto, who went viral for his hilarious response to his “badly edited” profile photos.

Fans have also praised PENTAGON‘s Hui for his iconic introduction, despite initial issues with him appearing on the show.

Yuehua Entertainment trainee Ricky has already gained the attention of viewers for his own hilarious introduction, where he introduced himself as “young and rich, tall and handsome” and asked fans if they’d like to go shopping with him in English, Mandarin and Korean.

Trainee Ricky | Mnet

He attracted more attention after the trainees held their first public and private fan meetings, where fans could see his handsome visuals up close and unedited.

While there are several “dopplegangers” of already debuted idols amongst the trainees, fans couldn’t help but notice that Ricky bore a strong resemblance to Kim Lip of LOONA!

LOONA’s Kim Lip | Dispatch

From her slim face to her round eyes and cute nose, there is a strong sibling-like resemblance between the two!

| @loonatheworld/Twitter

The two also have full lips fans seem to love and ears that stick out similarly!

| @loonatheworld/Twitter
| Mnet

Once fans online noticed their similarities, they couldn’t stop comparing the two.

Fans have even taken to calling him “Kim Lip’s cousin” and “Him Lip” as a joke.

“Boys Planet” is set to begin airing in February.

Boys Planet

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