THE BOYZ’s Jacob Once Savagely Roasted Eric With Just One Word When He Was Asked About His Baseball Position

He didn’t have to do him THAT dirty! 😂

Before he was ever a trainee, THE BOYZ‘s Eric had his sights set on a different goal: becoming a major league baseball player. Spending most of his younger years living in Los Angeles, he grew up idolizing the Dodgers and the Angels, hoping to someday make one of those teams.

Obviously his plans did end up changing a bit, as Eric has been a proud member of THE BOYZ since 2017! Still, it’s known among fans that he remains quite passionate about the sport.

Eric attending a Los Angeles Angels game | @WE_THE_BOYZ/Twitter

Therefore, one comment in particular from his bandmate Jacob hit Eric pretty hard during the first episode of THE BOYZ Be Ambitious.

As the group made their way to Odori Park in Sapporo, they began answering questions from the host to pass some time. After sharing about how he was a baseball player, Eric was asked about what position he usually played.

At that moment, Jacob looked right into the camera with no hesitation and loudly proclaimed one word that sent the rest of the members into a state of shock and laughter: “BENCH!!!”

He immediately followed it up with an “I’m sorry,” but the damage to Eric’s pride was already done! Eric looked at the older boy in disbelief before hilariously yelling back at him, “JACOB!”

While his sudden outburst made for quite an iconic moment, Jacob later made sure to clarify that he actually *does* think Eric plays really well.

You can watch the entire clip here: