THE BOYZ’s Kevin May Have Predicted 2NE1’s Coachella 2022 Surprise Reunion Last Year

He might just be the biggest BLACKJACK!

The iconic 2NE1 stunned fans with a surprise performance at Coachella 2022, but THE BOYZ‘s Kevin may have predicted the reunion last year.

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THE BOYZ’s Kevin | @WE_THE_BOYZ/Twitter

2NE1 shocked K-Pop fans by hitting the main stage to perform their 2011 hit, “I Am The Best.” Fans knew to expect CL, who had been set to perform as a part of the lineup for 88rising‘s “HEAD IN THE CLOUDS FOREVER” showcase, but didn’t know that the group would reunite.

While some fans predicted that this might happen, THE BOYZ’s Kevin did so months ago. Fans have wanted a reunion for years, and while the members have said they also want to, nothing was confirmed.

In August of 2021, self-proclaimed 2NE1 fan, Kevin did a VLIVE where he mentioned his theory regarding 2NE1 having a reunion. It involved utilizing the blackjack portion of their concept and completing the four suits: hearts, diamonds, clubs (clovers), and spades.

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Kevin watched CL’s song “SPICY” and noticed that it featured hearts throughout.

This made him think back to Minzy‘s comeback “TEAMO” where she sported a lot of diamonds and even used diamond legs in the choreography.

Then Kevin noted that in Park Bom‘s latest music video, which at the time was “Do Re Mi Fa Sol” (feat. Changmo), there were a lot of plants used… which could represent clovers.

Kevin questioned if he was overthinking it, but if Sandara Park did something involving spades… it would all connect. Hopefully, they would do something together.


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It seems that Sandara Park completed the puzzle! She wowed the crowd with her iconic hairstyle in the shape of… a spade! Well, at least that’s what some fans are saying.

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TikTok comments | @chocojuyeon/TikTok

The memorable hairstyle defied all odds…including gravity, and is the perfect icing on top of the cake, so to speak, for this memorable event.

With their performance, 2NE1 proved that they’re still the OG queens.

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