British Magazine “Dazed” Just Ranked 2016’s Top 20 K-Pop Songs

Dazed & Confused, an “alternative style and culture magazine”, has done something unusual for a Western magazine and compiled this list of the “20 Best K-Pop Tracks” of 2016.

This year, among other things, marks the end of the first generation of girl groups and as we eagerly anticipate the next generation of rising stars, let’s take a moment to appreciate the hottest tracks of 2016.

Rainbow – “Whoo”

Rainbow may have disbanded this year due to the infamous seven-year curse, but their song “Whoo” will remain a lasting legacy.

TWICE – “Cheer Up”

Famous for its “shy shy shy” trend, “Cheer Up” features an adorably sweet chorus line. This popular track tells the story of the dynamics of love.

Block B – “Toy”

Fans usually recognize Block B because of their overwhelming and compelling music style. Their brief detour away from this style, with “Toy”, earned them a spot on this list and in our hearts.

LADIES’ CODE  – “The Rain”

“The Rain” features a consistent beat and soothing vocals. This fantastic track instills a perfect balance of sadness and happiness.

INFINITE – “The Eye”

INFINITE pulled elements from their past songs and created the perfect blend, “The Eye”. It’s not hard to see why this made the cut for 2016’s top 20.

B1A4 – “A Lie”

“A Lie” builds the listener up with a fast tempo and drives directly into a vibrant chorus. Emotions run high in this beautifully made track.

BLACKPINK – “Playing With Fire”

2NE1‘s unofficial successors have delivered content that is nothing short of amazing since their debut. This outstanding track will have you loving BLACKPINK in no time. It’s incredible that this rookie band has already made it to the top 20!

NCT U – “The 7th Sense”

NCT‘s subunit delivers once again! With bold choreography and a catchy tune, it makes sense that “The 7th Sense” is on this list.

GFRIEND – “Rough”

“Rough” is one of three tracks in GFRIEND’s schoolgirl trilogy (with “Glass Bead” and “Me Gustas Tu”). These girls pull off the iconic look better than anyone else in this bubbly and energetic track.

MONSTA X – “All In”

MONSTA X created a masterpiece with their track “All In”. Impressive visuals accompany the wild chorus in this wonderfully-made music video. It’s no wonder this song was recognized across the ocean!

BIGBANG – “에라 모르겠다(Fxxk It)”

“Fxxk It” offered a way for BIGBANG to showcase their amazing vocals. The music video features bright neon colors and a charismatic style with a touch of nostalgia.  Enjoy BIGBANG’s final song before they head off to the military.

LUNA – “Free Somebody”

Luna’s solo career first saw its success with the single “Free Somebody”. Her impressive vocals add to the allure of this retro styled masterpiece and earned her a spot on Dazed & Confused list.

VIXX – “Fantasy”

VIXX’s “Fantasy” was a clear choice for this list due to its unusual composition and epic feel. From the incorporation of orchestral music, to the complex harmonies, VIXX hit it out of the park with this one.

OH MY GIRL – “Liar Liar”

“Liar Liar” tells the story of a love interest that must be kept secret. This music video is brimming with adorable choreography and delicate vocals. OH MY GIRL’s specialty lies in their ability to be in perfect tune with the cute concept. This track is proof of that.

Red Velvet – “Russian Roulette”

Red Velvet bopped its way onto Dazed & Confused’s top 20 with “Russian Roulette”. With its funky, retro style, it was an obvious choice.

SHINee – “Tell Me What To Do”

“Tell Me What To Do” perfectly captures the essence of a dramatized love triangle. It then lets the story unfold in a beautiful and tense ballad. The song’s swinging beat and sweet melody rocketed it into the top 20 and into our hearts.

Wonder Girls – “Why So Lonely”

Wonder Girls’s reggae-inspired track, “Why So Lonely”, couldn’t not make this list. It’s unusual style and catchy tune will have you bopping long after it’s over.

WINNER – “Baby Baby”

While we mourn the loss of Nam Taehyun, we can celebrate his final song for Innercircle (WINNER fandom). His memory will live with us forever and this song will be immortalized in this list.

EXO – “Monster”

EXO’s performance with “Monster” is absolutely stunning. Their huge presence in the K-Pop industry is no doubt due to their incredible talent, and their presence on this list is certainly no mystery.

BTS – “Blood Sweat & Tears”

It will come as a surprise to no one that BTS’s “Blood Sweat & Tears” is #1 on the list. Their massive early success rocketed them to fame in just a few years. Featuring a prominent melody and intricate vocals, this song is sure to lift your spirits. ARMYs (BTS  fandom) can attest that this track is one of BTS’s best.

Source: Dazed