BTOB’s Changsub Reveals A Creepy Ghost Encounter That He And SHINee’s Key Had In The Military

We got chills down our spine.

BTOB‘s Changsub recently guested on MAMAMOO Solar‘s Solarsido for an interview. Not only did he share a hilarious story about how someone in his army base discovered poop in their military band practice room, he also shared a story about a ghost encounter.

It was said that Barrack 4 in his unit was the haunted one. Chilling, given that “4” means “death” in Korean. One of his unit mates was taking a nap around 3pm in the afternoon. Changsub explained that as light comes in through the windows, they would hang clothes near the window to block the light.

As his unit mate opened his eyes after awhile, he noticed a man in military uniform and a bulletproof helmet standing near the window. However, he dismissed it thinking that perhaps the man had just come in to wake other unit members up.

Things got really creepy when he woke up again for the second time and realized the man had not moved from the spot. Changsub’s unit mate called out to ask who the man was, but received no reply. Instead, the man turned to stare at him from between the clothing hangers. Upon realizing the man was faceless, he started screaming.

SHINee‘s Key was also in the same unit, and Changsub revealed that Key had also felt something was amiss. He instinctively woke up from his nap around 3pm, and that’s when he heard the screaming.

What a creepy story! Catch the full interview and Changsub’s reenactment below.