BTOB’s Minhyuk Gets A Request From Fans On Social Media And Responds With Top Quality Content

When Melody asks, Minhyuk delivers!

BTOB‘s Minhyuk is very active on social media treating their fans, Melody, to constant updates through selfies, tweets, and new vlogs. It seems as if he is also taking his responsibility of giving the fans what they ask for literally.

| @btob2mh/Twitter

Minhyuk recently posted pictures on his Twitter with the caption “A gift for those of you who are bored during weekend evenings.” In the tweet, he shared boyfriend-esque images of him relaxing after the series finale of Mnet‘s Kingdom.

If that wasn’t enough of a treat for Melody, it seems as if Minhyuk went one step further to ensure that his fans were satisfied. It is no secret that Minhyuk is a regular gym go-er and has been gaining attention for his visuals and stature. After posting the tweet, a fan replied with “Waiting for some gym photos as well.

The fan probably didn’t expect anything in return. Yet, Minhyuk quickly replied with another picture of himself in the gym with the caption, “Like this?

| @btob2mh/Twitter

After realizing that Minhyuk was online, another fan tried to go one step further, asking for a front view gym picture. Like before, Minhyuk was more than happy to oblige with his fan’s wishes.

| @btob2mh/Twitter

Unfortunately, Minhyuk didn’t answer a request for a back view from a fan because he explained that he didn’t have one.

Yet, he didn’t leave them completely empty-handed as another fan asked for a more sentimental and adorable picture, which Minhyuk happily gave.

| @btob2mh/Twitter

The image seemed to be from the group’s performance during Kingdom but with the added cuteness of a finger heart!

Not only was his replies super sweet, showing how much he cares for his fans, but it also shows that Minhyuk is always watching what we tweet!

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