BTOB React To Their Top 3 Mnet “M Countdown” Performances And It Is Hilarious

There seemed to be an obsession with Peniel’s hair!

Ahead of Mnet‘s Kingdom, which starts in April, all of the groups involved were shown the top three most popular performances from M Countdown based on views from Mnet’s YouTube channel.

As one of the most senior groups on the show, the members of BTOB tried to guess which of their videos would rank the highest. They initially thought some of the older videos must have had the most cumulative views.

Here is a look at BTOB’s reaction when they found out which three videos had the most views!

3. Only One For Me (June 2018)

As soon as the clip started playing, the members couldn’t hide their laughter at watching the video from nearly three years ago.

It seemed like the memories came flooding back when they heard this song, and it was even more nostalgic hearing the voices of their fans during the performance. Minhyuk added that he particularly remembered that day because he was “satisfied” with his look.

Yet, it wasn’t Minhyuk’s visuals that stood out the most. For Eunkwang, one member stood out a lot more for the difference in his visuals, and that was Peniel!

Eunkwang seemed to have eagle eyes watching this video as he pointed another funny moment out, this time relating to himself!

With the fresh outfits and stunning visuals, is it any surprise that it is one of their most popular videos on the channel? It also made the members think about whether they could re-do the video in a different arrangement for the show.

2. Missing You (October 2017)

The track at number two was their 2017 song “Missing You.” It was definitely a completely different vibe and aura to the last song they listened to!

Once again, the first thing the members were drawn to was the state of Peniel’s hair. Unfortunately, this video saw Peniel’s luscious locks gone!

Eukwang perfectly described the feeling of the song saying, “I feel sad after listening to this song.” It also made the members nostalgic, remembering that this performance was done four years ago!

Whilst Eunkwang still believed that he was 28, Minhyuk got a bit more emotional realizing just how quickly time has passed.

These feelings stemmed from the nostalgic feeling the members got from the song, whether it was the length of time that had passed or seeing their fans singing along.

1. I’ll Be Your Man (November 2016)

Before the results for first place were revealed, the team placed a bet that, whoever picked right, got a coffee bought for them. Even though he doesn’t drink coffee, Eunkwang took pride in predicting correctly with “I’ll Be Your Man.”

As expected, the first thing the members spoke about was the state of Peniel’s hair at the time, even though it was hidden by a hat!

The next thing that the members realized was just how different this stage was for them at the time, from the concept, styling, and feel of the track.

With the huge set and the fact is is a firm favorite of the fans, could this stage be brought back by BTOB for Kingdom?  One thing that the group is certain about is how good member Hyunsik is at songwriting!


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