The BTS Members Choose Between 5 Of Jungkook Or 5 Year Old Jungkook

The answers may surprise you!

If you were given the choice between 5 of BTS‘s Jungkook vs. five year old Jungkook, which would you choose? The BTS members had to answer this tough question. Here’s what they picked.

1. Suga

Suga went for five of Jungkooks. His reason was simple, “five Jungkooks have a better value for money.” We can’t deny it as the golden maknae rakes it in!

2. V

V, of course, picked five year old Jungkook! What an adorable ball of sunshine. Funnily enough, when asked the same question but with their CEO, Bang Si Hyuk as the subject, V kindly rejected both options.

3. RM

RM picked five of Jungkook, for the reason that he wanted to hear “a fantastical melody” from the many Jungkooks combined.

4. J-Hope

J-Hope chose five year old Jungkook given that he felt “Jungkook is someone that has lots of meaning even just as one person so I’ll go with five year old him.

Sadly, Jimin and Jin were never asked this question, so fans will just have to simmer in curiosity for a little longer. Who would you pick?