ARMYs Are Praising This “Legendary” Security Team For Protecting BTS

According to fans, this security team did everything right.

Security personnel always do their best to keep BTS safe from harm, but one particular security team has earned ARMY‘s stamp of approval.


As BTS’s fame grows, so does their fandom and, unfortunately, not all these fans respect BTS’s personal space. Airports can be especially hazardous for the members, and BTS’s staff often has difficulty keeping crowds at bay in such a tight space.


On January 15, a clip from BTS’s past trip to Hong Kong resurfaced and began making its way around Twitter. In this video, Hong Kong airport staff can be seen forming a circle that kept both BTS and their fans safe from harm.


ARMYs are once again praising this “legendary” team for doing everything right, and they’re hoping that other security teams will follow the example this one has set.


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