A Shocking Clip Of A Sasaeng Trying To Kiss BTS’s Suga Has Resurfaced

Fans are expressing their anger toward this disrespectful “fan”.

A rediscovered video clip of a BTS sasaeng is bringing new ire to the internet.


A couple of years ago, a female “fan” was caught on video trying to kiss BTS’s Suga after a broadcast ended. She can be seen running up to Suga and attempting to force a kiss on him.


Suga pushed the sasaeng away from him as onlookers angrily shouted at her…


…until a staff member came to Suga’s aid and separated the two.


Fans who have seen the video are outraged, especially because Suga has repeatedly expressed how important his privacy and personal space are to him.


The hashtag #SHOOTERSFORYOONGI began to trend as fans expressed their anger on Suga’s behalf.


Unfortunately, BTS continues to encounter obsessive fans when out in public, but ARMYs are hoping that BigHit Entertainment‘s public blocklists and stringent security measures will deter sasaengs from breeching BTS’s personal space like Suga’s did.

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