BTS Prove Their Consideration For ARMYs’ Health, Worrying About ARMY Before Themselves

They were worried about ARMY from the beginning.

It’s no secret that BTS truly cares about ARMYs’ well-being, always looking out for fans, especially when they come to their concerts.

At the recent PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts in Seoul, South Korea, BTS showcased their concern for ARMY by reminding them to stay warm. Although, notably, they did not heed their own advice.

V was the first member to show his concern on Weverse. Giving recommendations on ways that ARMY could try to stay warm during the concert.

Everyone the weather is very cold. Come wearing a padded jacket and wearing gloves as well. Prepare hot packs hmmm… just do everything that looks warm.


| Weverse

And because of the forecast of rain for the last day of the concert, he especially wanted ARMY to wear even warmer clothes.

There’s a forecast of rain on the last concert day. we’ll prepare for it too but just in case, please come wearing even warmer clothes.


| Weverse

The following day Jimin also took to Weverse to once again remind ARMY that they should dress as warmly as possible for the concert.

Just like Taehyung (V) said, it’s really, really cold, so wear ALL the clothes you have and come (to the concert).


| Weverse

And Jin also posted to Weverse, trying to show the impact of the cold by including some breaks and typos while advising ARMY to wear padded coats to the concert.

Everyone the weather is cold.
Peop l e who are c o ming tomorrow, make sure to come wearing a padded coat.
My hands gfhave frozen.


| Weverse

And, a recent video uploaded to BTS’s official YouTube channel shows just how seriously the members were taking the cold as they were preparing for their concert. In fact, Jin’s Weverse post was actually from a promise he made to the camera that he would post to remind ARMY to stay warm for the concert.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter


And although BTS were continually feeling cold as they prepared for their concert, they never actually focused on their own well-being.

In the video, the first member to mention the cold is Suga, who isn’t focused on getting warm himself, but rather is worried that ARMY will be too cold.

It’s colder than I expected. When we do the concert we’re gonna be so cold but I’m more worried about the audience.


Suga | BANGTANTV/YouTube 

And while doing a dress rehearsal, Jin is the next one to mention the cold.

It’s so cold. It’s even colder now that it’s dark.



But even though BTS themselves are feeling cold, their only focus is on if ARMY will be able to stay warm enough during the concerts.

Today was a cold day full of worries and excitement. I hope ARMY don’t catch a cold. I kept worrying about that.


J-Hope | BANGTANTV/YouTube 

And Jin takes the opportunity to make his promise to the camera.

I’ll leave a post on Weverse today! If you get a Weverse notification from me that’s from this moment. It’s cold, so come with a puffer jacket.


Jin | BANGTANTV/YouTube 

And RM reiterates that he’s more worried about ARMY feeling the cold than them since ARMY will be sitting while at least BTS will be dancing.

I’m not that worried about us. It’s obvious that it’ll be harder for ARMY that would be sitting there. We’ll do our best so everything goes well.



Suga even expresses his hope for a warmer day for the first concert.

I hope tomorrow’s not cold!



And although the concerts ended up being cold and there was even the forecasted rain, BTS and ARMY had a great time finally enjoying a concert in person together. And BTS truly showed how much they care about their fans with their concern for AMRY’s well-being over their own.

ARMY, it must’ve been so cold today so thank you so much. I hope you travel safe and warm on your way back home.



You can read more about Jin’s promise to post on Weverse here.

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