The Biggest BTS Mystery In 2021, And Yes, We Want Answers ASAP 

It’s been two years.

In both fiction and reality, there are BTS mysteries that might never be solved.


One of these “cold cases” began as a collaborative project between BTS, ARMY, and the Weverse app: ARMY With Letter. In July 2019, fans were invited to write the world’s longest letter to BTS. To participate, ARMY composed letters and submitted them through Weverse with the hashtag #TO_BTS.

| Weverse

The letters were then continuously printed inside a pink letter box at Seoul Marina Square.

| Weverse
| Weverse

At the time, many fans expressed concerns about the letter’s environmental impact, given how much paper the project required.

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When the event concluded in August 2019, the printing site was demolished…

| @95rockpjm/Twitter

…and the letter was collected by staff members. One fan, who had witnessed the demolition, assured ARMY that the letter had been carefully cared for, not disposed of.

| @95rockpjm/Twitter

The staff were rolling the letter outside despite the scorching heat. On top of that, they were also super nice. I was taking a photo and they asked if it came out well.. I told them I was surprised by how fast they wrapped up and they responded saying the wrapping up part is fast…

— Fan

Where the demolition ends, the mystery begins. To this day, two years later, some fans are still wondering what became of the letter.

Jungkook, Jimin, and RM | Weverse

Is it being stored at HYBE headquarters? Is it being prepared for display at the HYBE museum?

In 2020, BTS released MAP OF THE SOUL: 7, featuring photobooks made from environmentally friendly, recycled paper. Wouldn’t it be amazing if those photobooks were created from “ARMY With Letter”?

| @goldenshi_/Twitter

It’s a beautiful thought, but for now, the fate of “ARMY With Letter” remains…unsolved!

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