Model Lineisy Montero Feliz Is Such A Certified BTS ARMY That Her Bias Is Her Profile Picture

She’s such a mood! 💜

Model Lineisy Montero Feliz isn’t just a casual BTS fan — According to a fan’s recent social media post, she’s a true ARMY!

| @lineisymontero/Instagram

A fan posted on Twitter about her experience working backstage with the model herself where they bonded over their love for BTS.

One of the models at my work saw me in the In The Soop tee. She screamed, ‘I know this shirt!!’, so we held each other’s hands and asked ‘Who’s your bias?’ I said ‘Jimin!!’ and she said ‘Mine is J-hope!!’


| @lineisymontero/Instagram

However, she’s so dedicated that there’s a surprise guest appearance on her official Instagram profile picture!

Then we talked about BTS for like 10 minutes and her Instagram profile is Hobi, of course 😂


| @lineisymontero/Instagram

Looking at her Instagram profile would let anyone know that she lives the Bangtan life! From her profile photo to her BTS highlight featuring concert footage, she’s a certified ARMY.

If that wasn’t enough, you can find some BTS lyrics as her captions including this gorgeous photo with some lyrics from “Butter!”

It must be true that only beautiful models fall for BTS!

Source: chopoluca/Twitter