ARMYs Caught A Glimpse Of Baby-Jungkook Struggling With A Bowl Of Noodles

“If you blow on your noodles like that…”

In the latest episode of Bon Voyage season 4, BTS members practiced what they preach and really loved themselves to the fullest by feasting on Chinese food.


Amidst the slurps and noms though, ARMYs found Jungkook struggling with his bowl of jjajangmyeon (Korean-style Chinese noodle dish with thick black bean sauce) and can’t get enough of this total-UWU “baby” side of the otherwise grown man JK.

What, the jjajangmyeon is too hot for you? Is it? That’s not hot, come on. You know [comedian Jung Joon Ha] can finish that bowl in one bite. If you blow on your noodles like that, you’re simply too f*cking cute.

— Twitter @TEXTsang


Because, for Hyeri and almost all other Koreans, jjajangmyeon is something consumed more or less in this manner…


… ARMYs “can’t even” with the way Jungkook blew on his noodles and was extra cautious in taking his bite!


Naturally, this is not the first time Jungkook was toggled into that total baby mode in front of jjajangmyeon. He has always struggled with hot foods…

Lol. All this time, I thought the way he blew on his noodle was an act. Turns out that was not acting at all. It’s how JK is.

— Twitter @jk_97oqol


… and made ARMYs realize that he, well, must be protected at all costs.


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