BTS Had A Bone Cracking Competition…And Jungkook’s Face Says It All

A new Jungkook meme was born at BTS’s birthday party.

BTS can turn anything into a competition, even cracking their bones!


On June 23, Netmarble released a new behind the scenes story clip for BTS’s upcoming mobile game, BTS WORLD. In the clip, ARMY’s favorite “Birthday Fairies” celebrate with a cake, party hats, and a round of…back cracking?


Jimin kicked off the “competition” by loudly cracking his neck.


Jungkook, being Jungkook, cracked his own neck after seeing Jimin do it.


Jin and RM followed suit.


Jimin then upped the ante by cracking his body so loudly that Jungkook and J-Hope reacted like this!


Viola! A new meme is born!


After that, the party became a bone cracking free for all.


If you close your eyes, it sounds just like popcorn being popped!