Chungha And Sunmi Once Went Viral For Their Interactions With BTS

The video was very popular among ARMY!

Sunmi recently invited bestie Chungha on Showterview With Sunmi to have a fun pajama party and talk about all things related to their precious friendship.

During the discussion, she recalled a clip of the two during the 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards that quickly went viral.

The two girls were sitting on the left side of the screen while the BTS members were sitting in the middle. However, there were no spaces left next to the rest of the BTS members, so V had to sit a row in front of them.

Sunmi and Chungha soon noticed that V was separated from his members and kindly decided to switch seats so he could be seated with them.

They recalled the funny story and their timid way of asking V to switch seats.

The adorable clip was so sweet that it went viral among ARMY, who thanked the girls for their kind gesture! It shows that being kind is always worth it.

Check out more from Sunmi and Chungha below.

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