BTS Dishes On The Most Memorable Parts Of Shooting The “Dynamite” Music Video

Jin was hilarious!

BTS recently sat down for an interview with MTV News, where they named their top 7 favorite music videos and talked about what they loved about shooting “Dynamite”.

| @MTV News/YouTube

The boys gave some funny and raw answers, so read on to know what they said!


RM started off by revealing that, as the member in charge of English in the group, he can be heard singing in the background with a low voice.


Jin laughed as he said that the camera angle made his head look as big as his body. The members then joked that he had a big head, “daedu“.


Because the “Dynamite” music video is “mostly freestyle“, J-Hope mentioned enjoying the process of creating unrehearsed moves.


Similar to J-Hope, member Jimin had fun filming the music video because they were the ones who came up with their gestures.


For V, he loved how they were able to play basketball while filming the music video. He described it as “draining but fun“.


Last but not the least, Jungkook talked about the part in the music video where he sings and dances alone in a room. Because he had a hard time focusing, he had to re-shoot the scene later on in the day.

If you’re curious to know more, make sure to watch the entire video below!

Source: MTV News