BTS’s Dorm Life Has Taught Leader RM How To Deal With His Sleepy Teammates

He knew what to do with each member!

If all the years of living in a dorm together has taught BTS‘s RM anything, it is how to efficiently get his teammates up and running in the morning.


In the latest episode of Bon Voyage 4, RM was spotted putting his years of know-how to good use. He was, of course, the first to rise and shine…


… and his roommates — Suga and J-Hope — didn’t have much of a choice, as his alarm went off and threw the entire room into an early bird mode.


Then RM went to get V out of his bunk. The leader’s strategy? Well, knowing V likes to sleep with his blanket, RM immediately knew taking that away would easily do the trick:


For the oldest hyung Jin, RM needed only a split second. He marched into Jin’s room, simply asked him to wake up, and then walked out.


And for Jimin and Jungkook, RM took the classic, oldie-but-goodie approach of switching the light on.


Look how Jimin springs to action with RM’s most successful method:


Soon, all the members were up and ready to roll!


ARMYs realized this is such a perfect example of BTS being truly like family — with RM being that super-responsible child and the rest being his sleepy brothers!

Watch the full clip here: