BTS Turn Into Fanboys When An ARMY Stunned Them With Her Dance Skills— And Their Reactions Are Absolutely Adorable

She passed the BTS vibe check, that’s for sure!

One lucky ARMY got the chance to meet BTS on You Quiz On The Block, and their meeting went quite unexpectedly. The ARMY in question was Kim Jung Hyun, who previously went viral a couple years ago for her dance cover of BTS’s “Mic Drop” in her high school auditorium. She made a guest appearance on You Quiz On The Block last year, and has returned again— this time in front of BTS.

Kim Jung Hyun | 유 퀴즈 온 더 튜브/YouTube

She confidently made her entrance on set to “Mic Drop” playing, turning the tables on BTS as she clapped and waved to everyone as if she was the rightful star of the show. The members were surprised and enjoyed her entrance immensely.

She then immediately launched into the “Mic Drop” choreography, and BTS were living for it.

The members were overjoyed and joined her in dancing the choreography.

She was fully immersed in her performance, even pointing at BTS the same way they point at ARMY while performing. Their reaction was adorable, and they looked just like ARMYs who were starstruck by their favorite idols, further proving that BTS are truly ARMY’s biggest fans.

After her performance, Kim Jung Hyun tiredly said “Wow, it’s so tiring,” to which the members laughed and complimented her dance. Her confidence and lively energy immediately energized all the members, and other ARMY are admiring her confidence and thanking her for being herself.

You can watch the video below:


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